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Located in Charlotte, NC, where artistry meets excellence. Since our establishment in 2010, our commitment has been to deliver unparalleled tattooing and body piercing services to our valued clients. We take pride in our reputation as winners of numerous National, Regional, and Local Awards like "Best Tattoo Shop Charlotte", solidifying our position as a respected establishment in the city.


With two Charlotte tattoo shops located in NODA and Villa Heights, we aim to provide you with even better services, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Our team of skilled artists specialize in various tattoo styles, ranging from small, intricate designs to full-body suits. Whatever your vision may be, our artists have the expertise to bring your dreams to life, creating timeless and meaningful pieces that will last a lifetime.


Discover the artistry that sets us apart and join the community that recognizes our dedication to excellence. We invite you to experience the best in tattooing and piercing at our Charlotte locations.

Traditional Tattoo







Is a talented young tattoo artist who embarked on his journey with us at our Villa Heights location in 2022. Having transitioned to full-time tattooing by the end of 2023, Alex has become an integral part of our artistic team.

Specializing in the traditional style tattoos, Alex's passion lies in bringing to life captivating lady heads, animals, daggers/swords, flowers, and nautical themes. Beyond the tattoo machine, you'll often find him immersed in the creative process, whether it's painting flash or meticulously crafting tattoo machines.




A seasoned tattoo artist with a passion for ink and creativity. Bobby embarked on his tattooing journey in April 2004, quickly establishing himself as a prominent figure in the industry. Renowned for his mastery in both black and grey, as well as color realism, Bobby has earned several awards that celebrate his exceptional skills and artistic vision.


With an extensive portfolio, Bobby's work has left a lasting impression all across the nation. Beyond the tattoo machine, Bobby is a devoted father to three kids and a motorcycle enthusiast. When not crafting intricate tattoos, he finds solace in the world of painting and airbrushing during his free time.


Join Bobby on a journey through the world of tattooing, where his expertise, passion, and artistic flair come together to create unforgettable pieces of body art.



A true master of the art of tattooing. By day, he transforms canvas into living masterpieces as a dedicated tattoo artist. However, by night, Chris is a man of mystery, adding an intriguing layer to his personality.


With a journey that began in 1999, Chris has honed his skills over the years, becoming a versatile artist proficient in a wide array of styles. While he can expertly navigate any tattoo request, his true passion lies in the realms of traditional, Japanese, and realism, where his artistry truly shines.


Beyond the world of tattooing, Chris's artistic talents extend into various realms. From customizing automobiles to engaging in restoration projects, welding, leatherworking, sign making, and woodworking, he is a true craftsman with a diverse skill set. Chris Lopp is not just a tattoo artist; he is a multi-talented individual whose passion for art knows no bounds. Discover the mystery and creativity that defines Chris both in and out of the tattoo studio.




Is a talented custom tattoo artist based in Charlotte, NC, hailing originally from the beautiful state of Maine. With a passion for neo-traditional, fine line, and blackout/blast over tattoos, Dee brings a unique blend of styles to her craft. Dee’s expertise spans from heavy color saturation and delicate line work, Dee ensures that each piece is a masterpiece in its own right.


For every project, Dee prioritizes consultations to better understand your vision and ensure a personalized touch when bringing it to reality. Large pieces require in-person consultations, while virtual options are available for your convenience. To initiate the journey towards your dream tattoo. 


Let's turn your vision into a stunning reality today.




A talented tattoo artist with a passion for creating meaningful and captivating art. With two years of experience in the industry, Malik has honed his skills under the mentorship of Devin Burnett. Specializing in Neo Traditional and Illustrative styles, Malik's favorite subjects to work with include girl heads, skulls, and tribal designs.


Beyond his artistic talents, Malik is also a major movie critic, showcasing his appreciation for storytelling and visual narratives. For Malik, nothing is more magical than the process of tattooing, which he sees as a transcendent experience that captures the intimate connection between a client and artist through imagery.


Discover the magic of Malik's artistry and book your next tattoo appointment to experience the unique blend of creativity and intimacy that he brings to every piece.




A seasoned tattoo artist with a passion for transforming visions into artistic realities. Wayne embarked on his journey in tattooing in 1995 and, driven by his dedication to the craft, founded 510 Expert Tattoo in 2010. With over two decades of experience, Wayne has become a respected figure in the Charlotte area, bringing creativity and skill to every piece he creates.


Wayne's expertise spans various tattoo styles, showcasing his versatility as an artist. His commitment to excellence has earned him recognition as an award-winning artist, with accolades in categories such as black and gray, Asian-inspired designs, and full backs. Wayne takes pride in the artistry he brings to the Charlotte community, leaving a lasting impression on clients who have entrusted him with their visions.


Having served the Charlotte area for more than 20 years, Wayne is not just a tattoo artist but a cornerstone of the local tattooing scene. He looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you, turning your ideas into timeless pieces of art. Thanks for considering 510 Expert Tattoo for your next tattoo experience.




A talented tattoo artist who has been leaving her mark on the industry since 2022. With a portfolio that showcases her versatility, Jill's expertise spans from crafting bold traditional pieces to intricately delicate designs. Her commitment to the craft is evident in her continuous pursuit of learning and growth, both alongside her peers and for the benefit of her clientele.


Driven by an unwavering love for the art of tattooing, Jill invites everyone, from first-timers to seasoned collectors, to experience the unique touch she brings to each piece. With open arms, she welcomes you to embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic collaboration. Discover the artistry and passion that define Jill's contribution to the world of tattooing. 




A dedicated tattoo artist with an impressive 20-year journey in the world of ink. Originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, Justin brought his wealth of experience to Charlotte in 2017, joining the prestigious team at 510 Expert Tattoo.


Justin's passion for tattooing knows no bounds, as he embraces every style with enthusiasm and skill. Whether it's traditional pieces, fine line work, lettering, vibrant color, or the subtlety of black and grey, Justin's artistic versatility shines through. His particular fondness for large-scale Japanese work showcases his ability to tackle intricate and expansive designs.


With Justin, your tattoo vision is in the hands of an artist who not only appreciates the diverse styles of tattooing but is more than capable of bringing any concept to life. Discover the artistry and dedication that Justin brings to the table at 510 Expert Tattoo, where each tattoo is a masterpiece in its own right.




A veteran tattoo artist with over 32 years of experience in the industry. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Matthew's journey in tattooing reflects a deep passion for the art form. His specialization lies in traditional tattoos, where he excels in both color and black and grey styles.


With an impressive career spanning more than three decades, Matthew has honed his craft, bringing a wealth of expertise to every client's experience. His commitment to traditional tattooing showcases his dedication to preserving the timeless artistry of the craft, whether through vibrant colors or the nuanced shades of black and grey.


Step into Matthew's world, where each tattoo is a testament to his love for the art and a celebration of over three decades of skill and creativity.




A badass tattoo artist rocking the scene and making waves in the industry with his signature American traditional, and black and grey tattoo styles. Nestled in the heart of a vibrant street shop, Mike thrives on the energetic atmosphere and eclectic clientele that fuel his creativity.


With a deep-seated passion for classic tattoo aesthetics, Mike meticulously crafts jaw-dropping pieces that captivate and astonish his clients. Whether it's bold flashes or intricate black and grey masterpieces, Mike infuses every tattoo with his heart and soul, ensuring each client walks away with ink that resonates with them for a lifetime.


No tattoo is too big or too small for Mike's expert hands. With unparalleled skill and dedication, he transforms visions into reality, leaving his mark on the skin and hearts of his clients. Experience the magic of Mike Palazzolo's artistry and let him create the tattoo of your dreams.



Charlotte NC Tattoo Artist


Piercings Charlotte, NC




A passionate piercer from the Charlotte area dedicated to providing safe and expert piercing services. Quinn began his journey at 510 Expert Tattoo and Piercing in 2023, where he honed his skills and expertise in the art of piercing.


With a focus on safety and precision, Quinn is committed to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every client. He understands the importance of self-expression and is eager to help you bring your vision to life through expertly executed piercings.


Whether you're looking to add a subtle accent or make a bold statement, Quinn is here to guide you every step of the way. Trust in his professionalism and dedication as he assist you in expressing yourself through the art of piercing.

Piercings in Charlotte, NC
510 Expert Tattoo Charlotte NC



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510 Expert Tattoo Tribute




As the ink flows from our needles, so do the memories of a remarkable artist and friend. Logan McAdams, having apprenticed under the guidance of Chris Lopp, Logan touched our lives with his undeniable talent and infectious passion for art.


During his time at 510 Expert Tattoo Noda, Logan's creations adorned the skin of many, each piece a testament to his artistic genius. His love for photography and skateboarding added depth to his creative spirit, capturing moments of beauty both on paper and film.


But it was Logan's love for drawing and sketching that truly set him apart. His sketches were more than lines on paper; they were windows into his soul, showcasing his boundless imagination and keen eye for detail.


Beyond his artistic prowess, Logan brought a bright and joyful presence to everyone around him. His laughter echoed through the shop, filling our hearts with warmth and reminding us to embrace life's moments with enthusiasm.


Though he may no longer walk among us, Logan's legacy lives on in the ink he left behind and the memories we cherish. Rest in peace, dear friend. Your artistry and spirit will forever inspire us.

Praying Hands Tribute


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